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What is a proper gun fit?


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What is a Proper Gun Fit?

Want to improve your shotgun shooting ability?

Tired of a bruised shoulder or cheek?

Unable to improve your scores or bag more game, even though you practice a lot?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, then it’s time for you to learn about the methods that are used to make shooting more fun and less painful.

Proper Gun Fit specializes in custom fitting the stock to you

by evaluating your gun fit and

then doing the changes to your guns.

All services are done on site and are by Appointment Only 


  • Gun will shoot exactly where you point it
  • Head and eye correctly position to rib
  • No adjustment time to an unfit gun stock
  • Transfer your concentration to the target, not the shotgun
  • Hold the recoil to a bare minimum
  • Reduce your fatigue factor
  • Increase confidence
  • Significant shooting score improvement


The “more fun” part of shooting comes from breaking more targets, bagging more game with fewer shots, and improving your scores at the club. The “less pain” is accomplished by reducing the felt recoil and eliminating the bruises on your shoulder or cheek. In both of these cases, the main contributor to reducing the pain and increasing fun is having a shotgun stock properly fitted to you.

We would not buy a car without taking it for a test drive; but we continue to purchase shotguns not knowing if it fits properly. We go through the motions of mounting the gun in the store, looking down the barrel to see if the bead lines up, and, if it feels comfortable, we buy it. The next step is taking the shotgun to the nearest range and start shooting. After a while we come to realize that our scores have not improved like we thought they would with the new shotgun. The reason for this is that the shotgun stock dimensions do not fit you properly.


The gun manufacturer who built your shotgun used “standard” stock dimensions intended to fit the “average” male person. Now if we were all “standard” and “average” we would have no problems in shooting the shotgun that the manufacture has built for us. But we all know that each person’s physical characteristics are different in some way. This is especially true for women and children shotgun shooters.

In order to overcome the one-size-fits-all stock problems, we have taught ourselves to conform to the manufacture’s stock dimensions by contorting our bodies in all sorts of ways. Do the things we do to conform to the “standard” stocks work? In some cases the answer is yes, but it does not allow us to become a consistent shooter. If you are constantly adjusting and re-adjusting your head location before each shot, there is not only a lot of energy lost but you have provided a greater opportunity to make a mistake. A one degree aiming error will result in the pattern of the shot to be 18 inches off at 30 yards.  It would be better if you could use that wasted energy to focus on the target rather than the position of our head.

By now you are asking yourself, “What can be done to eliminate or minimize these problems and help me become a better shooter?” The answer to this question is going to someone who specializes in custom fitting the stock to you. This person should not only be knowledgeable about shooting and hunting sports, but have and know how to use the necessary equipment.


(1) Stock Measuring Equipment

The measuring equipment is able to collect information on the nine different dimensions on the stock.

The nine different measurements that can be adjusted are:

  1. S = Length of Stock (Pull)

  2. GL = Grip Length

  3. CC = Drop at Comb

  4. CS = Drop at Comb 2

  5. HH = Drop At Heel of Butt

  6. TH = Stock Length At Heel

  7. TT = Stock Length At Toe

  8. OO = Offset at Heel

  9. TO = Toe Out

(2) Try-Fit gun

A Try-Fit gun is a gun which is built so the nine stock dimensions can be changed to fit the shooter’s physical characteristics. The Try-Fit gun can be adjusted to fit your physical characteristics; and from the information obtained from the Try-Fit gun, an assessment can be made on what changes are needed to the shooters gun.

(3) DryFire Target Simulator, utilizing Version 4 projection

The Dry Fire Target Simulator is used to evaluate the shooters ability to break moving targets. The simulator uses a computer to generate a moving target and record the location of the shot density pattern to the clay target location at the time of the shot. This is accomplished by installing a laser in the muzzle end of the shooter's gun which generates a laser beam at the computer generated target. Once the laser shot is made the computer will show if the target was hit or missed, the location of the pattern density, whether the shooter was in front or behind of the target, high or low on the target and the distance the shot pattern was from the shooter.


So far we have been gathering information on the computer using the shooter’s own gun. Now we can analyze this information and translate it into the adjustments of the stock of the Try-Fit gun. Now the shooter will use the adjusted Try-Fit gun to shoot at the same computer generated moving targets. Detailed adjustment of the Try-Fit gun will be made until the shooter is able to be comfortable with the shotgun and breaking targets. Once the shooter is showing improvement and consistently hitting moving targets, a comparison of the Try-Fit gun’s measurements and the shooter’s gun measurements is made.

From the measurement comparison, Proper Gun fit is able to determine what changes are needed on the shooter’s stock so less pain and better shooting can be obtained. Proper Gun Fit specializes in custom fitting the stock to you by evaluating your gun fit and then doing the changes to your guns.


During the next week, Proper Gun Fit does the modifications to make the shooter's gun match the measurements on the Try-Fit Gun.  All work is done on site and most modifications to the gun can be made in one week.  Some of the changes that can be made are: length of pull, pitch, cast, trigger pull, and the installation of recoil pads, recoil reducers, and adjustable combs.


The shooter returns to Proper Gun Fit to validate their modified shotgun using the DryFire Target Simulator.  This usually occurs one week after the fitting.

Proper Gun Fit specializes in custom fitting the stock to you by evaluating your gun fit, and then personally making the modifications to your guns.  Once the shooter has completed the shooting and measurement segments, they will be able to mount the shotgun with their eyes closed. When they open their eyes, they will be looking down the barrel sight plane exactly in the proper place. No matter how many times the shooter tries this activity, the same sight plane will come because now the stock fits the shooter.

The information that was gathered using the measuring equipment, the Try-Fit gun and the DryFire Simulator all come together to ensure that your shooting sport will be “more fun” and “less painful” when you return to your club or are hunting with your buddies and exhibit your new-found improvements and skills.


To learn more about how you can improve your scores and make shooting sports more enjoyable and less painful, contact Bob at 248-766-1108 or Email

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One week? One Day! No need to wait months for your custom gun to be fitted.

All services are done on site and are by Appointment Only.  See news on front page.